The Benefits That Aged Care Work Provides

roles of aged care workTaking care of elderly patients can have its ups and downs. Elderly patients are often the most fragile. The only exception to this are extremely sick patients and premature babies. Some worry about the risks involved when it comes to working with these patients. A responsible and skilled health care worker can provide this type of care without needing to worry about ending up on the back end of a law suite. The right type of person for this job includes those who do not mind standing on their feet, have a calm mentality, and care about the work they do. It’s important to consider the benefits of this type of work. Knowing the benefits can help you understand whether or not these types of careers are beneficial. Let’s go through them and look at what they can provide to to you.

CNA Work

CNAs are often hired by nursing homes and may go to a patient’s home to provide care. A CNAs duties often involve helping a nurse or providing patients with care that isn’t complicated. Their job is very hands on. Some enter this type of work with the idea of it being like baby sitting. It is more complex than that.

A common job for a nursing assistant to perform is help with bathing. Elderly patients can suffer from serious injury when it comes to getting in and out of the tub. A CNA who does not perform this task with the upmost care can seriously harm the patient. It is best to only enter this line of work with the knowledge of all the risks involved. Some find this task unappealing on the grounds that it is not pleasant to see another person naked or help them with bathing. Those who are not okay with this aspect of the job should avoid this type of work. Other than that, this is type of work is relatively easy. The job is also in demand.


A licensed vocational nurse has more responsibilities. These responsibilities can include giving shots and drawing blood. They are often paid more than CNAs and there is a higher demand for them. Those who are grossed out by these tasks should not become a LVN. It’s important to consider the higher probability of getting a job. Nursing homes primarily hire LVNs for administering patient care. They also command more respect than a CNA. A higher degree of training is necessary and they are more educated than a CNA.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse has more responsibilities. They are often responsible for overlooking CNAs and LVNs. A registered nurse does not have to do the grunt work that LVNs and CNAs have to perform. They are more likely to end up on geriatric units in a hospital. Nursing homes are reluctant to hire them as they command a higher salary.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of elderly patients is a big responsibility. They need high quality care that improves their chances of getting through one of the most difficult stages of life. Those who are not compassionate should avoid these occupations. This is a vulnerable population. Other than that, elderly care is in demand and can be very rewarding.

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